Forefront Analytics


Business intelligence and analytics

Forefront Analytics provides business intelligence and analytics services, to help you cut through the data noise and find clarity and insight that's never been possible before. Understand the implications of your data for products, processes and decisions, so you can focus on the things that will offer the biggest impact.


How can we help you?

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BI&A Strategy

Recognise and respond to business trends and goals with a business intelligence and analytics strategy that reflects the true pulse of your business. Forefront’s data consultants can harness your existing systems and make recommendations that take your business forward. 

BI&A Consulting

Forefront Analytics’ embedded BI&A consulting services deliver end–to-end execution and delivery of your BI&A solutions, including cloud, AWS, SAP HANA and data science services. Our consulting services are value driven, getting you return on your BI&A investment fast.

Analytics support

Forefront’s support doesn’t stop after implementation. We’re there to monitor, support and help manage your data to keep you moving. We can help you evolve new insights and give you access to services and software that would otherwise be out of reach.


Four reasons to choose us


1. Advanced thinking to add context

We provide the context that brings actionable insights to life. Our services take you beyond the numbers to see your systems, operations and what influences them as a whole, so you are well positioned to predict what will happen next... and why.


2. Real-time, actionable insights

The insights we provide are actionable and in real time, giving you a competitive advantage regardless of your decision cycle.


3. See your data differently

We give you extensive insight into your data in a way you’ve not seen before, providing a dynamic way of testing and exploring business challenges.


4. Focused on your business 

Our team starts by diving deeply into how your business operates and what you need, and combine that with a proven scientific approach to offer new perspectives that help you realise your full potential.