Aurum — Augmented Search

Aurum augments analysts’ expert knowledge with intelligent search and dynamic interfaces that reflect the characteristics of your data, enriching your search results, removing the burden of trawling through large datasets, and leaving behind the information that matters.

Aurum takes the time-consuming task of locating similar entries from across large datasets and transforms it into a streamlined process through the use of intelligent search and flexible, domain-driven interfaces.

Aurum employs various algorithms to reduce candidate matches to those with a higher chance of being a positive matches. The confidence required for positive matches can be customised according to the cost of failing to identify a positive match for the task at hand, and the cost of the analyst’s time. It also supports the construction of user-defined interfaces that can adapt to the needs of a particular domain specification, providing analysts with the information needed to make decisions.

Aurum excels at batch-oriented information processing tasks. Example applications include:

  • Locating duplicate entries within a dataset with fields containing alternative variants
  • Cross-referencing names and identifiers that may contain misspellings or have alternative forms, such as names and addresses
  • Intellectual property discovery
  • Intellectual property infringement detection