Customer Insights

Customer Insights was the umbrella project  at Asahi, using data from Point of Sale data platforms. 

Analytics Domain: Data Analytics and Visualization, Predictive (Probability/Forecasting/Optimisation)



Customer Insights is a data analytics platform, which allows customer’s data, track KPI’s relevant to their business and facilitate decision making. The front-end dashboard is designed to simplify complex transaction data and provide business users with the ability to slice and dice the relevant information to get deeper insights on the overall performance.


 Outcomes of Project & Success Metrics:

The front end visualisation captures the key metrics and KPI's used to understand performance across product, stores and geographies. These metrics are further split by time and calendar components.

The dashboard also captures store performance, seasonal performance, promotions as well as peak loads. This combination of data allows users to better understand consumer behaviour patterns nationally.

The Basket Analysis section of the visualization runs an algorithm built in R programming language to look at all the historical transactions and identify customer buying patterns and suggest the menu items which can be grouped based on the popularity. It allows the business to closely monitor the Customer preferences and their choices of the popular menu items. This data can be can be further utilized to plan new promotions or launch a new product.


Solution and Architecture:

AWS Redshift, Tableau 10.1 and R 


Sandra Cutic