Analytics Capability Roadmap Design for Government


Situated in Canberra, Forefront Analytics were fortunate enough to work with one of the lead innovative government agencies to develop a Roadmap for the build and maintenance of a Business Intelligence and Analytics (BI and A) solution to meet its strategic data and information management needs. They work with Australian businesses, individuals and hold many strategic relationships locally and globally.



The agency has gathered and maintained data dating back over one hundred years, with the data housed in disparate systems with little consideration of downstream data usage requirements. This results in a data capability which is complex and inflexible to meet the required data needs.

We delivered a roadmap which detailed the capabilities and solution required to supply a modern Business Analytics environment which provides flexibility and enables data to be available to those who need it, anytime and anywhere.

Our approach was to work with business users to understand their data needs and what problems data could assist in solving. There were diverse sets of users and requirements, however with our analytics expertise and experiences across infrastructure, integration and visualization tools we could align the agency’s need for a contemporary design which would enable reporting, predictive and prescriptive analytics. Our design ensured that user would be able to access internal and external data sources in addition to adding new data items with ease whilst complying with security.

We approached the roadmap with an iterative methodology with a lot of engagement, understanding the importance of key stakeholders from all parts of the agency to be part of the journey.  A roadmap is just the beginning!  Our final deliverable included risk assessment, cost options, dependencies, change management approach and a proposed schedule that our customers were happy to sign off with.

Forefront Analytics will not be bidding for the Request for Tender IPAC2017/10941 Business Intelligence and Analytics Solution, but is excited to continue to support the project in an advisory capacity

Craig Cauchi