Data Science

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The data science team are a business and technically savvy bunch, who listen and get to know your company and its pain points. 


We investigate solution pathways thoroughly, to give you the best possible outcome tailored to your business.

By applying scientific rigour, our data scientists are able to assist in evaluating your datasets, building models, and evaluating their performance. Our methodical approach helps clients maximise the value of their data by deriving robust and meaningful insights.

Working in partnership with our data scientists is our team of big data engineers, who architect high performance data pipelines, create production models, and produce applications that are scalable, reliable, cost-effective, and permit continuous feature delivery.

For customers who wish to advance analytics maturity by developing internal data science capabilities and workflows, our experienced team are able to provide high-level advisory services.


Data Science Capability



Advanced forecasting

Anomaly and outlier detection

Prediction and classification

Key driver analysis

Retail basket and recommendation analysis

Scheduling and planning optimisation



Text analytics

Sentiment analysis

Key information identification

Relation extraction

Topic modelling

Knowledge discovery

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BIG Data Storage and Governance

IoT streaming analytics

AWS cloud-hosted big data solutions

Google cloud big data solutions

Data platform design

Data science lab design


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